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Optimized processing and packaging of catering and food-service products


MULTIVAC benefits

 Product-friendly processing and customized packaging

 Perfectly tailored to your customers and distribution channels

 Reduced packaging material consumption, more sustainable packaging materials

 Optimized staff deployment

 Easy line control and operation


 Food-service packaging for goulash

 Catering packs for fresh meat

 Catering packs for sausages and cold cuts

 MultiCook™ for large-scale caterers




Eleven innovations for your success

to make everything even easier, more efficient and more sustainable.

Discover our innovations in the areas of processing, packaging and automation now.

Our Innovations



MULTIVAC benefits


Product-friendly processing and customized packaging

Producers of catering and food-service products count on our solutions to carefully process and package their product, extend shelf life, and reduce flavor and nutrient losses.

  • Comprehensive technology portfolio

  • From stand-alone machines to automated solutions for all sizes of operations and batches

  • Sustainable packaging to replace plastic products

  • Flexible financing models

Perfectly matched to your products and customers

MULTIVAC offers a wide range of solutions for processing and packing catering and food-service products efficiently and safely. Implementing your requirements to maximize flexibility, quality and cost-effectiveness is always in the foreground.

  • From process packaging to bulk consumer packaging and retail packaging

  • Sustainable packaging concepts for stationary distribution and eCommerce

  • MultiCook™ for maximum reliability, success and product quality

Always the ideal packaging solution

MULTIVAC has all the important packaging technologies in its product range. So that we can provide you with objective advice and develop the most suitable solution for you and your customers. Reduced packaging material consumption and more sustainable packaging materials are an integral part of our approach. As is the possibility of growing with our solutions, whether you need more capacity or the integration of additional functions.

  • Efficient thermoformed packaging

  • Flexible packaging into trays

  • Reliable packaging into flowpacks

  • Easy packaging into film pouches

  • New:

    - Thermoformer F 286, Thermoformer R3

    - Traysealer T 305

    - Flowpacker W 500

Use your staff more efficiently and for the right tasks.

From individual functionalities to fully automated lines – you’ll benefit from just as much automation as you need. Each of our solutions is individually configured in terms of product feeding, packaging processes, pack discharging, labelling, quality inspection and final packaging – and delivered to you turnkey on request.

  • Reliable integration of a wide range of processing technologies

  • Feeding, loading and packaging

  • Labelling, printing

  • Checking, discharging

  • Case packing into cartons, boxes, ...

  • End-of-line solutions

MULTIVAC Line Control

The MLC significantly simplifies operation, ensures reliable and reproducible processes, while minimizing potential operating errors.

Central control at any line terminal enables your employees to carry out their work safely, reliably and efficiently :

  • Line start-up

  • Line start and stop

  • Recipe changes across lines

  • Line emptying

  • Line status overview





Increase your productivity and flexibility with our proven all-in-one solution

For the food-service application area, we are presenting the compact R 085 thermoform packaging machine in combination with a Handtmann vacuum filler with metering valve. This enables automatic and efficient production of vacuum packs for goulash or soups, for example. This all-in-one solution is aimed at small to medium-sized growing companies that want to expand their capacities while keeping personnel costs low.  

  • Compact VF 806 S vacuum filler with a wide range of applications such as meat, vegetarian and vegan products, dairy applications, pet food, etc.

  • Perfect and gram-accurate portioning precision for all applications

  • R 085 entry-level machine with reliable processing of rigid and flexible films

  • Compact line from a single source with an outstanding price/performance ratio

Outstanding performance and flexibility in thermoform packaging at an affordable price

Are you looking to switch to a thermoform packaging machine for the first time – or are you looking for an additional machine for a specific application?   

With our latest R3 thermoform packaging machine, we are demonstrating the packaging of meat products in large packs as an example. The packs are marked directly on the top film by a direct film printer with variable data, such as best-before date and batch number. This functional pack also dispenses with large-area printing and labels for sustainability reasons and is ideal for benefit-oriented catering and food-service applications.

  • The new R3 entry-level machine with DP 130 direct web printer offers an ideal price/performance ratio

  • The DP 130 direct web printer allows free access to the entire infeeding section and direct access to the top web and printer.

  • The operation of the DP 130 is fully integrated into the R3’s HMI

Sausages and cold cuts in vacuum pouch packaging for catering
  • Compact, high-performance pouch packaging solution with semi-automatic pouch loading system

  • Ergonomic and hygienic pouch loading with the MPL semi-automatic loading system

  • Efficient packaging process and high output thanks to chamber belt machine with decoupled infeed belt (split belt) for simultaneous loading and packaging

  • MULTIVAC Hygienic Design for easy, safe and reliable cleaning

  • Easy expansion and upgrading to a complete shrink packaging line with shrinker and dryer are possible

MultiCook™: Maximum reliability, success and product quality (1/2)

MultiCook™ is revolutionizing the preparation of oven-ready packaged foods. MultiCook™ can be used for protein-based convenience products with meat, fish and poultry or vegetables. Main applications are foods enhanced with marinades, seasonings and sauces.

  • The food is prepared in the central kitchen, packaged in oven-safe MultiCook film, and then frozen or refrigerated

  • The decentralized relay kitchens later take the food directly from the refrigerated or frozen storage and cook it in the oven or microwave oven

  • The structure of the MultiCook™ films is such that the seal seam of the pack opens by itself when a certain pressure is reached. An additional steam valve, as often required by other oven-safe packages, is not necessary

MultiCook™: Maximum consumer convenience and product quality (2/2)
  • Due to preparation in the closed package, the product’s own moisture is retained during the cooking process.

  • There is no need to handle raw-protein-containing products, the kitchen remains cleaner, and your staff can be sure of achieving perfect results.

  • The films for MultiCook™ packs can be processed reliably and with high efficiency on MULTIVAC packaging machines.