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Integrated solutions for the meat processing industry

With our automatic lines for slicing and packing fresh meat and processed meats, we will be demonstrating the perfect linking of slicers and portioners to thermoforming packaging machines and traysealers. Our future-proof line solutions also include equipment for labelling, quality inspection, box packing, and other end-of-line processes.

Perfect slicing

Our innovative slicers are highly impressive in their perfect slicing results within a wide temperature window, their simple and rapid set-up and conversion, as well as their ergonomic and reliable operation.

Perfect portionining

Whether it is steaks, roulades, cutlets, or chops, customers throughout the world use our innovative systems to portion every type of red meat - and always optimised for weight and trim. Our reliable and hygienic solutions also include energy-efficient tempering of the raw product.

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Automation in meat processing offers a wide range of benefits

The food industry is booming. An ever increasing number of fresh and processed food products, snacks, ready meals, and convenience products have to be manufactured and packed. But it has become more difficult to find suitable or qualified staff. There is currently an acute lack of personnel in the meat processing sector. At the same time, hygiene and quality requirements are increasing. Automation solutions provide one way out of the dilemma. However, robots have been used to a very limited extent in the meat industry up to now.


Different packaging concepts and methods for preserving meat quality

There are different packaging concepts depending on the particular product and the processing stage within the added value chain. This means that different technology and packaging materials are required, when transport or maturation packs for example are being produced, from those required for retail packs for the end consumer. In addition to the high demands placed on hygiene and functionality, one of the most important objectives of a pack is to provide extended shelf life for the product.


Automatic loading of sausage and meat products into the packaging machine

Today practically every stage in the processing and packing of meat and sausage products can be automated. But different products such as sliced meats, sausages or fresh meat require individual solutions. In the following article there are descriptions of the possible options for feeding and loading products efficiently and gently into the pack cavities.


Perfect slicing results for fresh meat and processed products

Precise weight control in the portioning and slicing of meat or sausage products is one of the standard requirements in industrialised processing of fresh food. The slicing quality of the finished product is influenced significantly by the tempering and forming of the raw product, as well as by the slicing technology used. In this article we have compiled those aspects, which need to be taken into account with slicing, depending on the particular product and the outline conditions.


“Better Processing” in top shape

The new Slicer Business Unit continues to develop successfully. MULTIVAC is driving forward the expansion of its product portfolio and the extension of its sites in Wolfertschwenden and Buchenau. Customers worldwide benefit from the efficient and market-oriented slicing and packaging solutions, as well as from the company's wide-ranging excellence in packaging lines and automation equipment. The range of products is rounded off by an excellent global service network, which includes the supply of spare parts for stand-alone machines and complete lines by subsidiaries worldwide.


“Companies can master a wide range of products with the highly flexible solutions from TVI.”

TVI is the leading manufacturer of meat-portioning machines and complete portioning lines. The wide spectrum of applications ranges from tempering of the initial product through to virtually every type of portioning, and from loading into trays including weight checking, right up to transferring the finished portions to the packaging machine. Since January 2017 TVI has been part of the MULTIVAC Group.